Grouse Creek Golf & Country Club

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"A Place Like No Other"



Welcome to the Grouse Creek Golf & Country Club. Well actually it isn't a true Country Club, but it is a small rural community way out in the country. In fact there is probably more "COUNTRY" in this club, than any other Country Club you have ever known!

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So take a few minutes and see what we have to offer, sign my Guestbook, and come visit if you get the chance. You will be glad you did.

What's New

11/26 - Added Histories for Alma Cruse Tanner, Emma Vilate Tanner Catlin, George Washington Catlin and Lewis Delroy Catlin

1/5 - Added Histories for Franklin Kimber, Thomas Lester Tanner and Clara Betteridge Wheelwright

6/30 - Grouse Creek Fourth of July Sponsors

7/8 - Added New Link for Standup Ranchers

12/1 - Added Histories for Harriet Mabel Hunter Richins,

Orson Chester Richins, LaVon Richins Holladay, and Joan Kimber Tanner

8/17 - Current Utah Wildfire Information

For more information, contact the following:

Alan Smith

5124 S. Ridgeline Dr.
Ogden, Utah 84405
Telephone: (801) 476-7056

Delma Smith

P.O. Box 71
Grouse Creek, Utah 84313
Telephone: (435) 747-7601